Script to Send Email to Customer V2


There is an updated version of the of script to send email responses here:

It contains the current updates:

*Empty answers are left out by default.

*Section headers are included by default, can be used for information purposes.

*A cc section has been added to the email settings set-up.

*You no longer need to enter the email field. As long as the label for the field contains Email, the script will find it.
This script to send email grabs a user’s responses and sends a copy back to them in a nice table format.

Directions on Use

1. Before an answer can be sent back to the submitter, you will have to do a bit of setup. In the form editor there will be a Settings menu option (if you do not see the Settings menu after installing the script, try refreshing your browser):

script to send email setmail

2. Select Set Email. You will be presented with 3 fields to fill out. The first field is the the cc field. Add the people you want CC’d when the email is sent here, separated by a comma (, next field is the email subject that will be used.

The last field is a message that will appear above the table of results that are sent.

script to send email Email Settings

3. On the form make sure you have a field labeled with Email. The script will look for the word email and try to extract the email value from it.

4. When someone submits a response to your form they should get a response back that looks like this:

script to send email response


Get Script

Install Script

Please see the following guide for installing scripts in Google Forms:

Forms: Install Script


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