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Twitter: @etwasshawn

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to visit. I started this blog some years ago to keep my Google Apps Script skills sharp and take on potential projects that I could then share with the others. Since then I have had the pleasure of providing scripting help to people all over the world. If you have an idea, please feel to post it in the new forum. If it is reasonable I will see what I can do and post the finished product for others to use. If one person needs it, then others may as well. If you have a problem with one of the scripts you can post a comment on the blog page and I will try to help! Also, if you are feeling generous please donate to my PayPal! Every little bit helps.

I’ve been working in and around technology for the last decade. Please feel free to have a look at my Linkedin profile for details (link above). I consider technology to be my craft and strive to be a student of it. A personal goal is to become a good enough developer to contribute to open source and charitable projects. Trying to learn to program professionally is a long road, but one step at a time. No matter what I do I seem to keep coming back to this idea. It honestly haunts me a bit!

I want to also start posting other non-Google Apps Script projects here as part of my professional portfolio. There are a lot of cool ideas out there to build, so let us learn together.