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google forms email notification email

Google Forms Email Notification Script Description

This google forms email notification script combines the functionality of the multiple recipients script and the send response to submitter scripts into one master script. You can change the settings to send google forms email notifications to specific recipients and also send the results back to the submitter.

Google Forms Email Notification Script Install

The and html.index code can be copied from the GitHub repository. Please visit the link below to find it:


Once you have the script you can install it into your form’s script editor by following the directions at the link below:

Install a script with HTML Services

*Your trigger should like like this:


Directions on Use

1. Firstly, before the send google forms email notification script can work you will need to install it (see above) and give it the appropriate settings.

2. Secondly, select the Set Email option from the Settings drop down menu in the form editor (only appears after installing the send google forms email notification script and refreshing your form editor).

Google Forms Email Notification: Set Mail
3. Thirdly, you will see the following window: Google Forms Email Notification: Email SettingsIf you do not want to include any of the text fields just leave them blank.

  • The first is the TO: field. Add people you want to receive the submission here separated by a comma (,
  • The next field is the the cc field. Add the people you want CC’d when the email is sent, separated by a comma (,
  • The next field is the email subject that will be used.
  • The last field is a message that will appear above the table of results that are sent.
  • Check to send a response to form submitter: Select this option if you want the script to send a copy of the form submission to email addresses captured in the form response (multiple email text boxes can be used in the form). You will need to label your form text box with Email in the question title.
    Google Forms Email Notification Email
  • Check to include section headers: Check this if you want section headers (for example page titles) in the email.
  • Check to include empty responses: Check if you want to see all question answer pairs, even if the answer is empty.
  • Check to include a link to edit response in email. Check if you want the edit response link included in the email.

4. Finally, when someone submits a response to your form the generated email will look something like this:Google Forms Email Notification: Email Results

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  1. I have used this script before and it worked great but this time its not working and I’m getting the following error.
    Invalid email: [object Object] (line 160, file “Code”) 4

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